Making Lemonade out of Lemons

Place de la Concorde, Oct 2009

I have a favorite season, Autumn, and I got a teaser of the cool, crisp air a few weeks ago. It lasted two glorious, scarf-wearing days. Ever since then, I find myself in a constant “grump”, complaining about the 80° weather, because I feel I’ve been cheated out of Fall weather.

When really I should acknowledge, however begrudgingly, that a blue sky and warm temperatures is nothing to turn my nose up at. No, I cant wear my beloved scarves and boots that I just bought in Paris last month, but I can choose to change my attitude from grumpy about what I don’t have to thankful for what I do.

So today, I will dress accordingly when I do go outside, so that I don’t sweat profusely, thereby ruining a good mood, not to mention a cute outfit!

I am given gifts every day – good health, a happy family, beautiful weather, sweet friends.  I choose today to not take my life for granted, to choose see these blessings in my life as gifts.  Today I choose not to focus solely on the sour flavor of lemon in this wonderful, sugary concoction called Life.


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