Travel Theme: Up

I don’t make New Year’s “resolutions” per se, but I do make New Year’s Intentions.  Number One on my list is to become more active in online photo communities and Number Two is to participate in photo themes/contests/etc.

This will be my first and it’s for Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack and the link to the contest is here.  When I saw the subject “Up”, I immediately thought of NYC.  How can you visit that city and keep your eyes to the ground?!

I hope you enjoy my first #2 of the year! 😉


I love looking for rooftop gardens, and I saw this one. This is officially my new Dream Apartment location.


On my lookout for rooftop gardens, I saw this lone tree and was immediately intrigued.


New York Public Library


Grand Central Station


Grand Central Station

Central Park in late fall

Central Park in late fall


Central Park


St. Paul’s Church


Brooklyn Bridge


One World Trade Center aka Freedom Tower and its reflection

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