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Another Cemetery Post

If you know anything about me, you know I love to shoot in cemeteries.  I tried to pinpoint exactly why I enjoy it so much and I couldn’t;  I like so many things I can’t pick just one.  Sometimes it’s the sense of history I feel when I am surrounded by those who have gone before me, but this day it was the sense of peace I felt about being in nature (which in Dallas, is hard to find!!).  I enjoyed the shade, the trees, and the flowers.  I always enjoy seeing decay – I find beauty in the story it tells.  SIgh… On with the pictures…


It looked to me like the tree was dancing
It looked to me like the tree was dancing



Nooooo! Not McSteamy!!!
Nooooo! Not McSteamy!!!


To see more of my pictures from that day, and to ponder with me why so many tombstones there are shaped liked tree trunks, please visit my Zenfolio gallery.

(pictures taken in Greenwood Cemetery, Dallas, TX)

Beauty in Unlikely Places

Oscar Wilde

How odd that I became aware that Oscar Wilde’s grave has been cleaned and barricaded on the anniversary of his death today, November 30.  I am not particularly enamored with Oscar Wilde the man, but his literary works are an important part of my intellect, and I am a bit sad that this has happened.  No single person has had more thoughts (thankfully preserved in writing) that I readily agree with. His keen observations on interpersonal dynamics were spot-on and as applicable in today’s society as they were over 100 years ago when he wrote them.

His was the first grave I sought out on my visit to Pere Lachaise in 2010, and I’m so glad I took pictures.  The lipstick-stained lip prints covering the tomb are there no more.  Neither are the words of admiration (in many different languages) for his work.  I spent quite a while there, reading, for every bit of its large surface is covered with love in the form of kisses and thoughts.  I think it was a wonderful tribute to the man whose work is timeless, but Parisian officials did not.  The next time I go back for a visit, it will have been “decontaminated”, and I’m glad that I got to see the tainted (read: REAL) thing.


One of the reasons why I am sad for the desecration-by-sterilization of Wilde’s grave is that his deep thoughts mean so much to so many people that writing and re-writing them are a way to pay tribute to him. One of my favorite quotes by him was written here (in the lower right) by a fellow admirer:


“Le plus important c’est de vivre. La plupart des gens se contente d’exister” (Most important is to live.  Most people are satisfied to exist) was someone’s personal interpretation of one of Wilde’s quotes.  The actual quote is one of my favorites, and anyone who took the time to write it as a tribute to Wilde on his grave is A-OK in my book.


Beauty in Unlikely Places

Boston Common

AKA “Another Cemetery Post” 🙂 I don’t know why or when my love for cemeteries began. I remember as a child, I remember visiting my great-grandparents’ grave quite often. It was never a particularly sad visit, and I always got to feed the ducks at the pond on the cemetery grounds afterwards. I took a class called “Death and Dying” in college and enjoyed it very much. (OK. SO…maybe I’m just a weirdo!) As a newlywed, my husband and I would have our evening walks in a cemetery, as it was a quiet place with a well-laid out trail for us to walk around. As an adult, I have been not only visually attracted to cemeteries, but also interested in the mini-history lessons written on the grave markers and signs. Whatever the case, here goes another post of cemetery pictures…and I think they are beautiful. (Again, maybe I’m just a weirdo!) 😉

More photos available in my gallery.

Beauty in Unlikely Places

Doors of Père Lachaise (2010)

Cemeteries are my absolute favorite places to photograph.  I don’t know why.  I love the history and the sense of reverence you feel while you are there.  I find soooo many interesting things to photograph there, since decay is a favorite theme of mine.  This post is one of many to come.  Consider yourself warned. 🙂

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