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Sympathy for the [hike to] Devil [‘s Bridge]

Please allow me to introduce myself…

{{Sorry if this causes you an unwanted ear worm, but I couldn’t resist. The hike to Devil’s Bridge in Sedona was not easy.  Lend a sympathetic ear and I will tell you all about it. (groan/eye roll/cheesy grin)}}

It started out pleasant enough.


Interesting looking flora…_NLG3575

Beautiful scenery…


Beautiful, yes, but not much shade… OH LOOK!  Mountain-shaped shade!

cool cloud, huh?

The problemS began when we realized where we parked was nowhere near the trailhead.  We started out on a primitive trail.

my people

About 2 miles in, we saw a sign that the trailhead was “that way” (arrow pointing farther down the road)

is that it? please tell me that's it
is that it? please tell me that’s it

About a mile after that, we saw the trail head.  The actual hike up to the bridge from that point is only 0.7 mi, but by that time, the joy of “let’s go hiking!” was gone.  It was replaced by “we came all this way and *now* we have to climb up to the top of that rock?!”  We were hot and tired (we had Camelbaks because none of us had a deliberate death wish when we started out) and the youngest in our group was just d-o-n-e-done.  Since I’m the momma, I had to surrender as well.

Long story short, the only view I got was OF Devil’s Bridge rather than FROM Devil’s Bridge.


I was disappointed since I didn’t get the shot I had hoped to get (from the top), so I played with sun flare to make myself feel better.

this ended up being my favorite shot

It’s funny how the little things can brighten your day.  Literally.

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South Kaibab Trail, GCNP

We were told that if we only had time for one day hike, this should be it.  This trail has the quickest elevation drop and is the fastest way to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Not that we went all the way down… {{On that note, hiking with kids is hard.  Even if you think they are “old enough”.  They probably aren’t.  Just FYI.}}

at the start of the trail head
looking down at the trail (holy switchbacks, Batman!)

My first thought wasn’t of being overwhelmed with splendor.  It was, “Ummmm…where do I catch the elevator back up?”  (Not gonna lie -it sucked, but yes, it was totally worth it!)

I’m probably letting my Nerd flag fly here, but I was overly intrigued by this:


What is it, you ask?  It’s the dead-end of a branch of the canyon.  Tell me that you haven’t looked out at this and wondered what the point where all those little “arms” ended looked like?

_NLG3860Just me?  Oooookaaayyyyy….

The views of the horizon don’t change much other than light hitting it in different places and causing beautiful color changes (sunset pics to come in a later post!).  However, after going down and looking up, you get a totally different sight:

I don’t know why I loved this view but I did


I love, love, love the striations!  And yes – OF COURSE! – we visited the Yavapai Geology Museum before going down, for maximum effect.  I highly recommend you doing the same on your visit to GCNP!

 Sooooo…the trip back up…there was no elevator or even escalator.  I would’ve settled for a rickety old funicular.  Instead, I walked [slowly] while trying to remember what I learned in the museum and “studied rocks” on the way up.

I found some cool ones!  (Remember the heart from my previous post?)  I won’t bore you with them.  Wellll…maybe I’ll share just one:

you can just seeeeeeee the individual layers!!!

Wellll….maybe just one more…

 I was OBsessed with those purple geode-looking rocks embedded in the walls

I took so long “studying up on geology” (certainly not “resting every 5 minutes”) that my family was kinda far ahead of me on the trail…

2 of my people

There’s a reason they advise against going to the bottom and back in one trip.  The “short” hike we did was enough for one day!  My daughter vomited right after she got to the top. Poor thing inherited my EXTREME HATRED of the heat.  (Did I yell that?)*

The next time I go, I wanna camp at the bottom!

* hard to believe, but the Grand Canyon was cooler than where we live…