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Banksy Knows Best

“Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better place. Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place.”  ~ Banksy

I have a thing for graffiti.  I also have a thing for art.  When the two are juxtaposed or better yet – meshed together, it does things to me.  It touches upon compassion in such a way that I can’t help but stop and look.  And see.  And wonder.  Certainly, graffiti is a cry for attention, shouting a statement louder than a singular voice could ever speak.  Where art is commissioned, graffiti is compelling.  Artists revered, graffiti artists reviled and often reprimanded.  Both are beautiful to me.

NYC, March 2014, taken from The High Line
NYC, March 2014, taken from The High Line

*This post was written while listening to Nada Surf’s Popular.   It makes me wonder if the two are related in some way…


Travel Theme: Up

I don’t make New Year’s “resolutions” per se, but I do make New Year’s Intentions.  Number One on my list is to become more active in online photo communities and Number Two is to participate in photo themes/contests/etc.

This will be my first and it’s for Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack and the link to the contest is here.  When I saw the subject “Up”, I immediately thought of NYC.  How can you visit that city and keep your eyes to the ground?!

I hope you enjoy my first #2 of the year! 😉

I love looking for rooftop gardens, and I saw this one. This is officially my new Dream Apartment location.
On my lookout for rooftop gardens, I saw this lone tree and was immediately intrigued.
New York Public Library
Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station
Central Park in late fall
Central Park in late fall
Central Park
St. Paul’s Church
Brooklyn Bridge
One World Trade Center aka Freedom Tower and its reflection
Photo Shoot

NYC 2012

Peggy and I squeezed a lot into not-quite four days.

The highlights of the trip for me were:

Visiting the World Trade Center memorial and finding a friend’s name on the wall.  (Sara Low was a flight attendant on AA 11, which was the first plane to crash that day. I went to college with Sara and we were bridesmaids together in a mutual friend’s wedding.)  As I was framing the picture, a woman stepped up and seemed to be looking right at it, too.  I think she was actually touching the name underneath my friend’s, but it made for a cool shot.

We took the ferry over to Staten Island

This was the view coming back:

After we arrived back to Manhattan, we went to NY’s oldest building and tavern, where George Washington gave his farewell address to the Continental Army in 1783.

Some of my favorite things to take picture of are numbers, especially addresses

I also really have a thing for signs and graphic art

One of my must-sees was the Flatiron Building

I kind of fell in love with this clock:

While we were walking, I saw this tiny, lone tree on a rooftop

Some of my favorite “street” photos:

I found my dream apartment, the one with a little roof-top garden

Of course, I couldn’t leave NY without getting a taxi shot

When it rained, we stepped into the NY Public Library

The aftermath of the rain:

After leaving there, we walked to Grand Central Station

Then, we went to Times Square. I find it a bit overwhelming (much like Vegas), so my favorite shot was this: a picture of a lady taking a picture of the Naked Cowboy

We went by another of my must-see spots, Washington Square Park

It was here that I saw this couple all loved-up:

We also spent time in Central Park

The light dappling through the trees was magnificent

I watched this little boy play on top of the rock for awhile

The leaves were just beginning to change, but it wasn’t full-on autumn just yet

I call this “Alone in NY”

Our last stop was the Brooklyn Bridge, and we saw this on the walkway across

This reminded me of the Pont des Arts in Paris:

Just in case you forget where (or who!) you are:

My final shot of the trip was a sight we passed every day, since our hotel was right by the entrance to the 9/11 Memorial.  However, it was cloudy most of the time, so I consider myself lucky to have gotten this shot:

Also, in case you were wondering who the “we” is I keep speaking of, here’s an action shot of my shooting buddy, Peggy.  😉