Hawaii, June/July 2012, Day 3

We headed out early to tour the Arizona Memorial. The guides reminded us to treat the site as you would a cemetery because it is the final resting place for the men who died on or inside the ship on D-Day. I wasn’t aware, but they also told us that any survivors from that ship have the option to be buried there after they die.




One really doesn’t forget that the memorial was built on top of the sunken ship, because several parts of the Arizona were left purposely visible. The decay is a solemn reminder to be reverent.

After our visit there, we hopped on a plane and headed over to The Big Island, where we were greeted by this beautiful sight:

More to come…


Hawaii, June/July 2012, Day 2, Part 1

The main purpose of stopping in Honolulu before heading over to the Big Island (our final destination) was going to Pearl Harbor. My grandfather and my father in-law were both in the Navy during WWII, and it was important to Tee and I that we visit such a historic site if we had the opportunity. So we were up early the next morning to do just that.

We happened to be there while the NIOC Change of Command ceremony was taking place. I found the formality of the event intriguing.

This is why the air in Hawaii always smells so good. Plumeria trees are everywhere!

We bought tickets to tour the USS Arizona, but before we could go, the Navy closed the harbor to boat travel because of choppy water. This prevented us from being able to cross the harbor to where the Arizona was docked. We would have to wait until tomorrow…