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The funny (not as in “ha-ha” funny, but rather “depressingly-odd” funny) thing about the Grand Canyon is that in the height of August when we visited, it was cooler than my hometown of Hell, Texas. #FML

While taking in the splendor of that big hole in the ground, I watched a squirrel hippity-hop along and over the tops of rocks.  I saw it literally dive into the shade under this rock like it was stealing home in the final game of the World Series. #FTW

_NLG3674Seriously – look at the expression on his little face:


Every summer day that I have to leave the house, I know I have this look on my face as I hippity-hop my way from AC to AC.

Freon is my summer #BFF.

*I don’t know what to say about all the #hashtags.  I guess I’m feeling a little bit squirrelly…



Bad Poster


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Well, maybe not that kind of bad poster.

***I’M*** a bad poster!!!

Sorry for being so sporadic lately. How’s about I blame it on all the FABULOUS travel I’ve been doing this summer? Yes. Let’s go with that…

If you don’t believe me, just wait until I make my next “real” post. I dare ya. 🙂

Happy Summer, y’all! Be back in a couple of weeks.